12 June 2008

The Story Continues

Fables: March of the Wooden Soldiers
Bill Willingham, Mark Buckingham, Steve Leialoha, P. Craig Russell, et. al.

Once upon a time our beloved fairy tale characters had their own homelands until the Adversary drove them out and now a lot of them are living incognito in New York. One in Fabletown for characters who can pass as humans while the others live in Animal Farm. I've put up links for my previous thoughts on the first and third compilation of this still running comic series called Fables. I should put up my thoughts on the fourth volume before I delve into the remaining volumes of the series (and yes, I'll get the second volume soon). Again, I've read this last December and I've scanned the lovely pages just now, focusing on favorite pages more. But I'll keep this spoiler-free, as far as possible at least.

Fabletown is a sanctuary for the Fables. Some of them are still in the Homelands, hiding or possibly trying to escape the Adversary, yet unidentified. And one fateful day a popular Fable, Red Riding Hood arrives in Fabletown after escaping the clutches of the Adversary's minions. She therefore requests sanctuary from King Cole, the mayor. But before the mayor can grant such, Red Riding Hood was shocked to find out that Boy Blue and Bigby Wolf are also living in Fabletown! She had a liaison that ended badly (an understatement, really) with Boy Blue while of course the Big Bad Wolf ate her grandmother in the fairy tales, right? Are those the reasons she didn't want to see them? Will she be given sanctuary at all?

The sheriff also discovered that the passageway between the Homelands and the mundane world (it's what the fables call our world) has been opened on the Adversary's side. Fearing for an invasion and capture of the Fables peacefully living in Fabletown, Bigby sets off to close the portal while Snow is left to handle the onslaught in Fabletown against the Wooden Soldiers. I mean, I had to write that. It's the title of the volume for one thing.

There's also that scheme the Prince Charming is planning to hatch. We already got a sniff of that in the third volume but his plans are fully laid out this time around.

This volume showed not only the history of Little Boy Blue but of the rampaging attacks by the Adversary's minions early on in the Fables' attempt to escape the Homelands. It also hinted at the Adversary's identity. Yey! And well, for those who enjoy the on-going sparks between Bigby and Snow this volume shouldn't be missed at all.

See, that's as far as I can go without spoiling everything.

Still engaging, still with a handful surprises along the way and the feeling that you want to know more about the Homelands and the rest of the backstories. And of course, Bigby and Snow. And that plan of Prince Charming. And what will happen much later to the rest of the characters after the march of the wooden soldiers.

The fourth volume already and I can't wait to get my hands on the succeeding volume! But I have to wait for my favorite bookstores' sale months (one in July, the other in August) so that I could get the rest of the compilations at a much cheaper price. Hey, comics isn't exactly cheap. Hahaha!

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  1. I finished this one today, and, like you'd predicted, now I really wish I had the 5th volume here with me! I loved how there was so much plot development in this one. I got the feeling that the first three books introduced us to the characters and the world, and this was the one when the story really began to advance. I can't wait to see how it all turns out.

  2. Hi Nymeth! Me too! I've been saving up on the rest of the available volumes! Yay for comicbooks!



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