23 September 2013

Public Service Announcement

I'm done with Horns by Joe Hill. Hopefully I can post about my thoughts about the book sometime this weekend, after I watch The Killers before Friday. Yes, I love The Killers. I love listening to Under the Gun even if it's unreleased. I can listen to them all day and be happy. Well, the same way I could shut myself from the outside world and tune in to three Radiohead songs non-stop when I need some perspective. But I'm rambling.

I am debating whether I should pick up The Woman in Black or Among Others. I've started with Among Others - I'm at the part where Mori received word from her mother after meeting her first fairy while in boarding school. It's just that I find it difficult to read just a few paragraphs with the pockets of free time I get on breaks or before I sleep. Whilst The Woman in Black seems like the kind of book I need to put down every so often (yes, the title alone scares me to bits).

Then again, I think I have my answer.


  1. Yep, I think Among Others is one that's best read in largeish chunks. It doesn't seem like it should be, since it's so episodic, but I think its good qualities show up best if you read it all together.

  2. Thanks for that, Jenny! I'll reserve Among Others for weekend reads, when the work week is over :)



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